Sunday, June 30, 2013

Assistant Match - Virtual Assistant

Assistant Match

Assistant Match hires US-based virtual assistants for a variety of client specific jobs. These jobs can range from the typical call handling and administrative types, to advanced marketing and organizational positions.

However, it looks like they only offer part-time assignments. In fact, they urge thier virtual assistants to diversify and utilize other clients as well (which is something you should be doing anyway:)

We offer part time assignments to virtual assistants.
Minimum Qualifications for working with Assistant Match:
  • Fully equipped home office: computer, dedicated phone line, printer, scanner or fax, quiet work environment
  • Computer requirements: Secure high speed internet, MS Office (other software depends on the assignment), daily file backup
  • Professional communication by phone and email
  • Ability and willingness to check and respond to email and voicemail on daily basis
  • Ability to pass a criminal background check
Preference often (but not always) given to candidates who:
  • Have proven experience working from your home office
  • Have an established virtual assistance business (you may be asked to show proof of incorporation)
  • Are available during regular business hours
We receive a high volume of applicants, so we cannot predict when/if we will have an opportunity specifically for you. Assistant Match is only one way to help build your virtual assistant practice. We recommend you also find clients elsewhere. (Visit for tips and resources).
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